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22 New Year's Resolutions from Young Hollywood's Brightest

By Liz Culley • December 30, 2013

Be better. Be great. Stop Smoking. Stay happy. Nothing too difficult. It's that time when goals are made that hopefully won't be broken. From Glee actresses, up and coming photographers and "it" girls, celebrity portrait photographer Tyler Shields keeps good company and finds out what some of his friends' aspirations are for 2014.

It’s that time of the year again. A time to refresh and renew, to kick old habits to the curb and adopt new, better, more positive ways to live, work and be. It’s a time of new beginnings and resolutions, of pledging to friends, family and most importantly, yourself, that the new year will be different, healthier, more fulfilling and productive. But don’t take our word for it. To get a gauge of what’s going to be important in 2014, we asked white-hot photographer Tyler Shields to ask some of his friends for their new year’s resolutions. The result was a wide range of aspirations from simple goals like learning to parallel park to the elusive pursuit of happiness. As for those who say resolutions are made to be broken? Eff ’em. The future is ours. And the future is now.


Name: Adelaide Kane

Gig: Mary Queen of Scotts on the CW’S Reign

Resolution: “To be a better actor than I am now.”


Name: Shawn Pyfrom

Gig: Up and coming Los Angeles-based actor known for his recurring role on ABC’s Desperate Housewives

Resolution: “I no longer like to make New Years resolutions. They’ve allowed me too much room to escape them as the year—and life—goes on, and they never last for me. Situations change, through life, and you must make the decision that is best for you in the time and the place that you’re in. So my ‘New Year’s resolution’ is to no longer make a change for the entire trajectory of my life, but rather each day I am choosing to make resolute life decisions, and promises to myself that I can keep. Not setting the bar outside of my reach, and approaching each day as its own. To do what is best for me in that time and place.”


Name: Rose McIver

Gig: New Zealand born McIver is currently playing the role of “Tinkerbell” on ABC’s Once Upon a Time

Resolution: “Pick up my old French textbooks from school, get confident with the language and visit Paris.”


Name: Brittany Snow

Gig: One of the stars of Pitch Perfect, will begin work on Pitch Perfect 2 soon

Resolution: “Learn how to not embarrass myself all the time!”


Name: Danielle Panabaker

Gig: Los Angeles-based actress best known for her role on USA’s Necessary Roughness

Resolution: “To be brave! Take chances and be fearless.”


Name: Elijah Kelly

Gig: Actor, appeared in Lee Daniels’ The Butler

Resolution: “Be great.”


Name: Sarah Bolger

Gig: Dublin-born actress currently playing Princess Aurora on Once Upon a Time

Resolution: “I would like to learn how to parallel park.”


Name: Haley Ramm

Gig: 21-year-old Texan actress who has appeared in films like Flight Plan with Jodie Foster, Into the Wild and Disconnect

Resolution: “In the past year I've really worked on taking care of myself and putting myself first in a not selfish way. If I'm not happy with myself I can't make anyone else happy. I've reached a happy place and I resolve to stay there. I resolve to stay happy.”


Name: Stella Maeve

Gig: Recently played the tweeker best friend in 2013 indie hit Starlet

Resolution: “Slow down.”


Name: Jenna Ushkowitz

Gig: Best known as “Tina Cohen-Chang” on the hit show Glee

Resolution: "To try and take more risks... Like when Tyler tells me to get into another forbidden part of the ocean or hang out on skid row alone again for a photoshoot"


Name: Logan Huffman

Gig: Starred on the hit show V on ABC

Resolution: “Stop smoking.”



Name: Skye Peters

Gig: Slated to be the next “Kardahashians,” Peters is daughter to mega producer Jon Peters and has an up-and-coming reality show with her sister called The Peters Sisters

Resolution: “To be happy and healthy and as positive as I can be.”



Name: Shoshanna Bush

Gig: Marin Country-born actress best known for her role in the cult favorite Dance Flick

Resolution: “Finish what I started.”


Name: Cru Ennis

Gig: Up-and-coming actor best known for his role as a jock in the 2009 short film Danny

Resolution: “Master my sleep and try to feel something.”


Name: Garret Dillahunt

Gig: Played “Burt” on Raising Hope

Resolution: “To mess with telemarketers EVEN more.”



Name: Morgan Eastwood

Gig: Aspiring actress and daughter to screen legend Clint Eastwood

Resolution: “To make a great life for myself with a fresh start in Los Angeles.”



Name: Ali Corbin

Gig: Actress best known for her role as “Molly” on the Showtime series Look

Resolution: “I resolve to resolve.”


Name: Morgan Peszko

Gig: Cinematographer currently working on the film Outlaw

Resolution: “To stop using the word "but" when referring to anything I dream of happening…no matter how unrealistic it seems.”


Name: Zoe Chait

Gig: Fashion stylist

Resolution: “To stop overthinking other people’s actions.”



Name: Lili Pepper

Gig: NY/LA photographer

Resolution: “Actually showing my work in a gallery. That would be nice to accomplish in 2014. Or begin my pop star career.”


Name: Ana Mulvoy-Ten

Gig: English-born actress best known for her role as Amber Millington in the hit Nickelodeon series "House of Anubis."

Resolution: “To have as many adventures as I can.”


Name: Christa B Allen

Gig: First seen as a young Jennifer Garner in 2004's 13 Going On 30, Christa now plays Charlotte Grayson on the hit ABC series Revenge.

Resolution: “My resolution is to spend more time outdoors.”

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