The 2013 Selfie Awards

By Bauce Sauce • December 04, 2013

From Miley Cyrus and Amanda Bynes to Bill Clinton and Prince, everyone has been whipping out their phones to snap selfies this year. We rounded up our 25 favorite game-changing ones and gave them awards. Who caught our lens?

In 2013, the “selfie” has become a topic of many a debate. Is it ruining the youth? Is it ruining modern civilization? Does it symbolize how narcissistic our world has become? What does taking selfies say about the person taking them? Would Jesus have taken a selfie? Are selfies cries for help? Are they empowering?

Regardless of what you personally think the selfie represents, we all love them. A cute dude or girl sharing a cute photo of themselves for you to admire… What’s not to like? Sometimes, if you are lucky, selfies even contain nudity! We don’t see a problem here. Taking selfies is nothing new. From the duckface depths of (old) MySpace to the front pages of the Internet’s largest websites, the selfie has had a long road to popularity. It took a lot of work, but Oxford Dictionaries finally named “selfie” its word of the year in 2013, thanks in part to the “craze” (that’s what old people call a thing that’s existed for a long time but they finally learned about, right?) sweeping the nation.

Whether they be ridiculous, sexy, funny or shocking, selfies taken by celebrities were responsible for helping the selfie to achieve such prominence and acceptance this year. We’ve rounded up some of the best selfies of 2013 for you to peruse. Some you may be revisiting, and some you may have missed. Sit back and enjoy.


James Franco

“All the kids are doing it”

This is the most James Franco thing James Franco has ever done. It’s like the Mona Lisa of selfies. It’s a stark examination of the selfie: solemn and void of happiness. Franco brings the sadness we all live with internally and externalizes it. He’s doing a selfie just to do it. Because everyone else is. He doesn’t want to, but he has to. It’s tragically beautiful.


Kim Kardashian


Look at those haunches. Admire those haunches. Imagine having brunch with those haunches. Believe that the world’s ills can be solved with those haunches.



Beyoncé and fan

“Queen B #shesholdingchantelleshand #mrscartershow”

Just look at Beyoncé here. It’s like looking directly into God’s heart. She is breathtaking. This was originally described as a photobomb but then video footage came out where you can see the girl asking Beyoncé for a picture. Many conspiracy theorists are calling this a hoax. They are trying to ban me and Myspace from the Internet because we are declaring this the best photobomb selfie. Well, we’re not scared of them. Even if this wasn’t a traditional photobomb, Beyoncé gave this girl an impromptu cameo in her selfie, and by the looks of the video, the girl only had one second to take this... which in and of itself is incredible. Mrs. Carter, go farther. Go further. Go harder.


Pope Francis

The Pope took a selfie. I repeat: The. Pope. Took. A. Selfie. Granted, it’s no standing in front of a bathroom mirror selfie, and he is in a group. BUT THE POPE TOOK A SELFIE. If there was any doubt as to why “selfie” was named Word of the Year by Oxford Dictionaries, one look at this settles it. He kind of has this “I don’t quite know what I’ve signed up for” look, but at least he didn’t duckface. Pope Francis made it his mission to connect with young people and return the Catholic Church to more humble roots. He accomplished that with one photo. Here’s to hoping we get a papal twerk vine in 2014. Dominus vobiscum.


Ezra Koenig (Vampire Weekend)


Plenty of selfies get taken in inappropriate settings or with the photo taker having some type of injury, but this Ezra Koenig selfie has a certain je ne sais quoi about it. Ezra’s selfie game is top-notch. But this one of him in a doctor’s office is so bleak, and the caption elevates it to an even higher plane. The phrase “Medical Selfie” is so mellifluous and stunning. This is the definitive medical selfie.


Mike Tyson

“My first selfie ever...I got this tattoo on my face because I like it. If you don’t like it then don’t look at me.”

Back when Mike Tyson was biting off ears and breaking Shawn Michaels’ jaw, would you have ever thought he was capable of something like this? No. But, over the years we’ve learned that he likes to raise and race pigeons, has a sense of humor, and is actually just a pleasant human being/man-child. It was only a matter of time before Mike Tyson took a selfie, and for his first one ever? It’s a... knockout. Sorry, we had to.


Malik and teacher

“Selfie with my teacher while she having contractions”

We know this selfie isn’t by a celebrity, but we’d be remiss to not include it because this selfie is the quintessential selfie. Everything about this picture is phenomenal. The very concept of someone taking a selfie with a woman going into labor is absurd. Then, it’s a student and a teacher. On top of that he’s wearing sunglasses in the classroom, which means he either was wearing them the whole time or before taking the selfie said, “You know what? I gotta put on my sunglasses.” Moreover, the look on his teacher’s face is priceless. The juxtaposition of his exuberance with her worry is something that only happens once in a lifetime.

This photo is this generation’s Tiananmen Square Protest. This is our V-J Day. This is the most iconic photo in history.


Geraldo Rivera

“70 is the new 50 (Erica and family are going to be so pissed...but at my age...)”

Geraldo may have one of the best mustaches a human has ever been able to grow. He also may have been the one to premiere the Zapruder film on national television. But, perhaps his greatest accomplishment was this picture that he tweeted on July 21. The selfie allows you to put out your image of yourself to the world. Geraldo was feeling himself. Nothing wrong with that. He is in good shape, especially at 70. He acknowledges his wife isn’t going to be happy but whatthefuckever, Geraldo Rivera is a real fucking G, and does what he wants when he wants where he wants with whom he wants.

Remember when he was covering the war in Iraq and he drew a map in the sand disclosing the location and intent of the 101st Airborne Division? Geraldo don’t give a fuck, bruh. Geraldo got not one iota of a fuck. Try to find a scintilla of fuck that Geraldo could give you. You won’t.

Obama, in the interests of national security, made him delete the picture because it was deemed “too thirst-inducing.” This photo is a masterpiece. It’s a 70-year-old man posing lasciviously. The fact that when he tweeted the picture it was horizontal reinforced the fact that he was a 70-year-old man, which in turn made it even better.


Justin Bieber

“Fun day”

Justin Bieber is such a pretty bitch. Androgynous in his current iteration, it’s pretty clear why tweens, older women and males of all sexual orientations all over the world have moist dreams about the pop star. This selfie is breathtaking. Bieber’s somehow perfectly coifed, sweaty hair... his pubescent cheek bones splattered with mud while somehow still looking like a porcelain cherub... his earrings have somehow escaped the dirt. His friend in the background is so serious. The fog. The landscape. Everything about this picture works together to create a masterpiece. Look at this picture for one minute and try not to get a boner.


Miley Cyrus

“My hair is getttttting so long”

Billy Ray Cyrus Jr. has had arguably the best year of anyone in 2013. Much has been said about her actions and appropriation and appearance and antics, but this selfie is insanely sexy.



“1st selfie #selfie”

It was long-rumored by people such as Questlove that Prince had a secret Twitter account. Unfortunately, we never found that one, but when he finally took over the twitter account of his latest project/band 3rdEyeGirl, he made quick work of joining in on the rambunctious sense of humor Twitter is known for. He posted his first ever selfie, and it’s just a picture of smoke. Genius.


Michelle Obama

“Join the First Lady and help @NatGeo reach a Guinness World Record for the largest online #animal photo album. http://www.greatnatureproject.org #GreatNature #selfie”

Just when you thought the First Lady couldn’t be any more based. She goes and posts a selfie with Bo. Of course, this wasn’t just a self-indulgent snap but a call to help National Geographic achieve a Guinness World Record. Oh, Michelle, you are too perf.


Luca Parmitano

“#Columbus is visible in the reflection... Il Columbus è visibile nel riflesso del visore #volare #spacewalk”

Would you believe that there actually a ton of astronaut selfies dating all the way back to the original moon landing in 1969? Pretty neat, right? Well, all of them pale in comparison to this one Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano took in July. He’s floating along in the infinite desolation of space and to ward off that loneliness he snaps a photo to humanize himself. We’re pretty sure that’s a metaphor for the self and selfie. Space is some crazy stuff. You gotta get strapped down on vacuum toilet to pee.


Ciara and Future

“Me N My Baby On The Fun Cam on a Break At Work. Love Him So Much!❤ ”

It took me four hours to write the blurb for this photo because I was overwrought with joy. I had to take my computer to Best Buy so Geek Squad could put a special computer sponge inside my laptop and soak up all the tears. Ciara and Nayvadius are the modern day JFK and Jackie but 1,000 times better. It is insane how happy and perfect they are; they are what we all hope our relationships could be like. One day their child will grow up and unite all the continents and all the planets in the all the galaxies under one rule and we will finally know true peace. Utopia awaits us.


Macklemore and Justin Timberlake

“Me & Justin getting Froyo in London. Crunch Berries and Gummi Bears. This guy goes in”

This selfie smells like leftover snow on a North Face jacket. This selfie buys hummus in bulk at Costco. If this selfie got pulled over by the cops, it would be treated respectfully. This selfie has a respectable Roth IRA. This selfie brews craft beer in its garage. This selfie wears shorts and flip-flops in the winter. This selfie uses coded language. This selfie can’t get enough Pumpkin Spice beverages. This selfie has a golden retriever in its family portrait for its Christmas card. This selfie owns a Subaru. This selfie eats Kashi cereal. This selfie is a cycling enthusiast. This selfie loves a good casserole. This selfie dances like this. This selfie has a belt clip for its Galaxy phone.


Ariana Grande

View original

Two months ago, Ariana posted this selfie of herself in a cute outfit, but most of her Instagram followers were more concerned with “that big black thing” in the corner of her room. Sorry, guys, it’s not a big black dildo.


Amanda Bynes

“I’m Sucking On A Sour Patch Kid Listening To Music Getting Ready For Tonight :D.”

Amanda Bynes popped up and took the world by storm for a solid month with her outlandish behavior and transformation. Was she insane? A troll? A weirdo? Much like how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, the world may never know, as she stopped tweeting back in July. However, she blessed us with this strange selfie video that will go down in the annals of the Internet as legendary.


Benny Winfield Jr. a.k.a. @mrpimpgoodgame

View them all here

MrPimpGoodGame has done more for the selfie movement than Isaac Newton did for science. His permanent glowing-grin and shiny bald head remind us that the selfie can be whatever you want it to be, even if it is the same one over and over. In an interview with Vice, MrPimpGoodGame stated, “The selfie movement is about loving the way you look, even if you're having a bad hair day. No matter what. It’s always appropriate to take a selfie.”

His positivity both in his words and photos are refreshing and uplifting. Love yourself and the world will love you! God bless you, MrPimpGoodGame. God bless you.


Jacob and Lil B

“double selfie feat lil b the based god best day of my life.”

There is so much positivity radiating from this selfie that it almost makes you sick. Lil B helps this kid achieve the rare double selfie... wow... what does it mean? We can’t wait for the sweet relief of death to whisk us away to the comforts of The Based Afterlife. Until that day, we can only marvel at the #RARE and #SECRETE knowledge gems Lil B blesses us with on Twitter and in his music.

Hoes suck Myspace dick cuz we look like John Stockton Hit em with the chopper Luke, we are your father


Bill Clinton and Bill Gates

“Two Bills, one selfie. Already having fun at #CGI2013 MT @BillGates A @billclinton selfie as we sat down to talk”

Rich people… they are just like us! While Bill Gates actually took this photo (and published it via HootSuite so shouts out to third party apps), Clinton retweeted it with a better caption of “Two Bills, one selfie,” which is clearly an allusion to the delightfully disgusting “Two Girls, One Cup” meme video from years past. Bill deserves a third term. Plus, we can only imagine that Bill has seen/taken/solicited his fair share of selfies in his lifetime. Two of the most powerful men in America in one photo? That’s a hell of a selfie.



“Look who was talkin dirty to me! #Thailand #nightlife”

What’s great about being a celebrity is that you don’t have to be held responsible for any of your actions. After Rihanna posted this image with the adorable and highly-protected slow loris, Thailand police found the people who were peddling it to tourists for pictures and arrested them. Rihanna also got the owner of a sex show arrested after she tweeted about a woman pulling out a live bird and turtles from her vagina. Apparently, using live animals in a sex show is illegal in Thailand. Who knew?


Al Roker

“At the Drake concert / XL Center in Hartford, Ct. Officially #TooOld”

A selfie doesn’t necessarily have to be a photo, as Al Roker proved with this vine. His horrified reaction of being at a Drake concert surrounded by people like the guy behind him is priceless. To be honest, we don’t think Al is #TooOld. Most of us would have the same reaction if we were sitting in front of that white bro. But, hey, he’s enjoying himself. Hopefully, Al and his daughters did too.

P.S. Never forget Al Roker made these two tweets.


Paul McCartney and Earl Sweatshirt

“Paul McCartney x Earl Sweatshirt x NPR Music.”

Earl and Paul McCartney couldn’t be more polar opposites. Lucky for us, it makes for a great picture. Earl looks like he’s not sure how to act or pose, and Paul looks like he’s faded off that Redd’s Apple Ale. Why exactly was Paul McCartney at NPR that day? Earl explained in his NPR interview that “This man Paul McCartney came through, tried to fight me.” What an asshole.


Paris Hilton

“I love Shanghai.”

Paris wasn’t even in Shanghai when she took this. She was just letting all those that doubted her love of Shanghai know that she does in fact love Shanghai. Also, boobies.


Lady Gaga


Mustache or not... she can get it.


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